AC Repair

We know how frustrating it can be when the AC stops working. It means restless nights, tossing and turning while you sweat. Don’t suffer through the heat when you don’t need to, call an expert right away to get it fixed up. We have a range of professional AC repair experts that are available 24/7.

Well, maybe you’re thinking you’ll just fix it yourself; we applaud your intiative! Read on for some general tips that should be investigated before calling an air con expert 🙂

If you AC is not turning on or not work at all:

  1. Check your general power and make sure all other appliances are working, it could be as simple as flipping the switch on your switchboard.
  2. Resetting the equipment switches or overloads can often fix the solution. However if the problem is recurring you may need to call an electrician
  3. Check your thermostat settings
  4. Check the condensate overflow switch. If the condensate has blocked up, this may prevent the system from turning on.
  5. Have a look at the capacitor and contractor in the compressor

Don’t know what half of the words above even mean? That’s okay! Hop on the phone and one of our technicians will be happy to guide you through the process.

So your AC is turning on.. but is not blowing cool air?

Yep, very annoying. We’ve all been there with our hands in front of the diffuser waiting for the cold air that never comes…. Here are some quick tips to fix an AC unit that may be blowing unconditioned air.

  1. Turn off the power to be safe.
  2. Check the filter of the unit, you should be able to remove this filter and just vacuum clean it if it’s dirty (this should be a general maintenance job every 6 months or so at any rate)
  3. You can check to see if there is any ice that’s formed on the coils, this will need to be melted
  4. The condensate drain may be causing issues aswell, check this and clean if required
  5. Don’t forget the outdoor unit! Check that this is running and clean also.
  6. Check the settings of the other units in your home. Many systems need to indoor units on the same setting or they won’t work properly (For instance they both need to be set with the snowflake icon on etc)

If you’ve been through the general troubleshooting tips for your AC unit and still can’t get it going, it might be time to call an expert 🙂

My AC unit is leaking water!

Okay not good! First step is to turn that off straight away, you don’t want any additional damage from the leaking water. This again may be caused by the condensate line being blocked, this can cause water to back up. There is a chance that the pipe itself is rusted or damaged. Unfortunately you’re going to need an AC repair technician to be able to fix this up for you. It’s never a good idea to start playing around with condensate lines without experience.

My AC unit turns on, but doesn’t blow air…

Another classic air conditioner problem. Usually this issue stems from the fan not working properly.

  1. Check the power just to be sure a switch hasn’t been flipped
  2. Check the air filter, make sure it’s not blocked and restricting the air that can come through

If regular cleaning and maintenance tips above haven’t highlighted the problem, then it may require a service call to get to the bottom of the issue. Our technicians can give you some guidance over the phone as to whether this will be required. Give them a call now 🙂